Vented Calorifier for a School in Manchester

Vented Calorifiers

McDonald Engineers UK has designed, manufactured and supplied a Vented Calorifier for a school in Manchester.

The 650 litre vented calorifier measured 2000mm in height by 795mm in diameter and replaced an existing cylinder as part of an upgrade programme being carried out in the school.

Designed to work in conjunction with an 89kW boiler, the vented calorifier featured two immersion heaters and an inspection manhole.

With it going into a public building, the cylinder featured two temperature gauges to ensure the water was at the optimum temperature at the top and bottom of the tank.

McDonald Engineers UK also demonstrated their ability to work closely with contractors and meet their requirements by ensuring the connection layout met the existing pipework perfectly and supplying the galvanised metal casing and 50mm rockwool insulation separately to allow the contractor to fit on site.

McDonald Engineers UK’s Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, commented “From the feedback we get from our clients, including consultants and onsite contractors - they believe our core strength is the willingness to go that extra mile for them.  So, whether it’s carrying out a site survey, customising the size, specification and connection layout, or delivering to a ridiculously tight schedule, we are only too happy to help.  This ensures they receive the optimum hot water storage solution when they need it.”

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