McDonald Engineers Spare Parts

McDonald Engineers Spare Parts

Copper Cylinder Spares

A supplier recently mentioned how he’d put a generic toner into his Canon branded fax machine and consequently broke it – unfortunately, that is the risk you take when you use non genuine parts and it can prove costly. The same applies when sourcing spare parts for McDonald Engineer Hot Water Cylinders. We strongly recommend using only genuine McDonald Engineers replacement parts for our hot water cylinders to ensure that your system continues to operate efficiently.

Pembleton Enthusiasts tap into McDonald Engineers Copper Capabilities

McDonald Engineers has demonstrated its expertise in bespoke copper products by manufacturing a 500mm spun cylinder top for fitting to a Pembleton car. Whilst more renowned for the fabrication of high quality copper hot water cylinders, it is not unusual for the company to be asked to create copper products and components for purposes other than plumbing.
Copper Washers

Copper Washers for Council Contract

McDonald Engineers were recently approached by a merchant who had a bit of unusual request - 'Can you supply copper washers for a council who needs them for a particular contract they are working on?' 

As you may be aware, copper washers are often used in piping, electronics and biomedical applications as they are a great conductor of heat and when very pure, a good conductor of electricity.  Copper is also quite a malleable material which means that when a copper washer is crushed between two surfaces, it can fill any imperfection.

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