Rectangular Hot Water Tanks

Rectangular Hot Water Tanks

Replacement Elson Topaz Tank

Replacement Elson Topaz Units

McDonald Water Storage has demonstrated its ability to manufacture like-for-like replacement hot water tanks for virtually any existing system by designing, manufacturing and supplying a like-for-like replacement for an Elson Topaz tank.
With Elson discontinuing their entire range of rectangular units in 2011, McDonald Water Storage purchased the manufacturing equipment and recruited one of the Senior Product Engineers to meet the demand for replacement units.

Customer Delight at Rectangular Thermal Store

McDonald Engineers has demonstrated their ability to deliver the perfect hot water tank by designing, manufacturing and supplying this 250 litre CUBEflow Thermal Store designed to work with a solid fuel boiler and solar thermal panels.


The key requirement of the hot water cylinder was to capitalise on the available space in an existing airing cupboard whilst delivering the required capacity and accommodating two additional fuel sources.

McDonald Engineers Deliver Exact Replacement for Elson Rectangular Thermal Stores

McDonald Engineers has secured the contract to supply its CUBEflow Rectangular Thermal Store as a direct replacement for existing Elson units for the refurbishment of a busy accommodation centre in the North of England.

The company was asked to supply a 100 litre thermal store unit with all the connections in the exact same place as the existing rectangular tanks to enable the installation process to be quick and efficient.

McDonald Engineers also proposed the incorporation of a fully pumped system which would increase the efficiency of the system.

McDonald Engineers Deliver Electric Rectangular Tank for London Housing Project

McDonald Engineers has reinforced its position as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of rectangular hot water tanks by supplying an electric CUBEflow to replace an Elson Coral tank for a housing project in London.


McDonald Engineers’ range of rectangular tanks has received unanimous praise since its launch for the quality and durability of the system with excellent feedback on the ease of installation – especially when replacing Elson rectangular tanks.

CUBEflow Is the Answer for Housing Association

McDonald Engineers have demonstrated their position as the UK’s new market leader in rectangular hot water tanks with the supply of a 100 litre CUBEflow from stock.

The urgent enquiry came from a housing association in the North East of England who required an emergency replacement for an existing Elson rectangular tank to allow a vacant property to be refurbished and ready for a new tenant within the week.

Major Order Secured for Rectangular Hot Water Tanks

McDonald Engineers has secured a major order for over 50 of its CUBEflow rectangular hot water tanks following its successful launch late last year.  Because of site and installation requirements, these have to be delivered in one drop – no problem to a manufacturer with the capacity for this type of production volume.

Demand for McDonald Engineers’ CUBEflow Rectangular Hot Water Tank Grows

McDonald Engineers has seen a sharp rise in the demand for its CUBEflow range since launching at the beginning of the year.  Following the withdrawal of a competitor’s rectangular hot water tank, McDonald Engineers have stepped in to provide their customers with an ongoing solution.

McDonald Engineers has a long standing reputation, as a manufacturer of hot water storage systems, which have included rectangular hot water tanks, however the company had been manufacturing them as a bespoke item as opposed to offering a standard range.

McDonald Engineers Make Specification of Rectangular Tanks Simple

McDonald Engineers has stepped up its campaign to revolutionise the rectangular hot water tank market by launching a number of tools to make the specification of its CUBEflow even easier. The first tool to be introduced is a ready reckoner to clearly show its comparative products to previous manufacturers including Elson and Rolyat. And to support its commitment to customer service, McDonald Engineers has produced a CUBEflow sketch sheet to enable architects, engineers and installers to specify exactly what they want quickly and easily.

McDonald Engineers Invest Further in Rectangular Tanks

McDonald Engineers has stepped up production of its CUBEflow rectangular hot water tanks and announced it has invested in additional equipment as it looks to meet the growing demand for its system. The move comes after the successful launch of its CUBEflow range and the appointment of Doug Rogerson who is overseeing both the development and the technical sales of the rectangular tanks.

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