header tanks

header tanks

Feed and Expansion Tank Brochure

Does Your Thermal Store Require a Feed and Expansion Tank?

Primary Feed and Expansion Tanks are generally used in open vented central heating systems, where a small water tank is located in the loft for the purpose of feeding and topping up the primary system and providing a receptacle should the primary water expand.

With normal gas and oil boilers there is little or no likelihood of this water being near boiling temperature.  However when Solid Fuel/Woodburning Stoves are used, there is a possibility that water close to, or at boiling point, may expand into the tank and this requires the tank to be made from a high temperature material.

Header Tank

McDonald Engineers Manufacture Bespoke Copper Header Tanks

McDonald Engineers have demonstrated their ability to offer a completely bespoke solution, by manufacturing two 700 litre copper header tanks for a major distribution company in Glasgow.

These were designed and manufactured by McDonald Engineers to replace existing plastic tanks which had developed a leak and on further inspection were found to be in a state of disrepair.

Each of the header tanks measured 1500mm x 700mm x 800mm and manufactured in copper to take advantage of its superior bacteria killing properties

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