Heat Pump Cylinders

Heat Pump Cylinders

Heat Pump Calorifiers for London Office

McDonald Engineers’ expertise in delivering energy efficient hot water systems for commercial environments, was put to the test by the Department for Communities and Local Government at their headquarters in central London.Four Calorifiers at Eland House 

ECOflow Brochure

ECOflow Heat Pump Cylinders Used for Energy Savings Programme

 McDonald Engineers’ heat pump hot water cylinder, ECOflow, has been selected as the preferred solution for a Community Energy Savings Programme.

McDonald Engineers has already supplied a number of its ECOflow cylinders into the programme which is part of the government's Home Energy Saving Programme set up to encourage gas and electricity suppliers to deliver energy saving measures to domestic consumers in low income areas of Great Britain.

Mitsubishi Ecodan Insist on Copper Hot Water Cylinders for their Heat Pumps

Mitsubishi, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of heat pumps, has reinforced copper's superior performance in renewable energy systems, by insisting that only copper hot water cylinders, such as McDonald Engineers POWERflow 2000 unvented cylinders,  are used in conjunction with their new advanced Ecodan heat pump systems. The news adds further weight to McDonald Engineers' campaign to promote copper's green credential when it comes to heat transfer and recyclability - as well as its bacteria killing properties.

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