Slimline Rectangular Thermal Store Fits The Space

Slim Line Thermal Store

McDonald Engineers UK has designed, manufactured and supplied a slimline rectangular thermal store which measured just 340mm in width, including insulation, and delivered a capacity of 185 litres for a refurbishment project in London.

The slimline hot water solution was required to replace an existing thermal store cylindrical tank which had been installed prior to the cupboard and soil stack being installed.  As a result, the new hot water storage solution had to fit within a space of just 350mm wide by 600mm deep and up to 2200mm in height.

Calculations carried out by McDonald Engineers UK’s design team, showed that a cylindrical thermal store, could only deliver an approximate capacity of 130 litres with the remaining access and space - far less than required.

However, McDonald Engineers UK designed a solution using their CUBEflow Electric Thermal Store. As it is a rectangular unit, it allows a larger capacity for a smaller footprint.   It also featured an easily replaceable external plate heat exchanger to assist with the hard water found in the area.

The rectangular hot water solution measured 340mm wide x 2050mm in height and 400mm deep which would allow the external heat exchanger to be fitted on site, delivering a capacity of around 185 litres.

Added to that, the original unit which was not of our manufacture, had sprung a leak and we were able to turn this round in 2 days – the perfect solution and perfect timing.  Another delighted customer who thought he was asking the impossible…. not to us it’s not!

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