Vented Hot Water Cylinders

Our vented hot water cylinders can be produced to suit customer specifications.

Vented Hot Water Cylinder Options Available:

  • Size to suit - We can manufacture cylinders in the following diameters (before insulation):
    200, 280, 300, 350, 375,400, 450, 500, 600, 675, 750 mm and upwards in Calorifiers sizes.
    You choose the height and diameter that most suits the installation.
  • Connections sited to customer requirements, to make installation easy in awkward spaces.
  • Extra connections for secondary returns, extra immersion heaters, shower draw off, etc.
  • Extra factory applied insulation for less heat loss and greater energy savings.
  • Horizontal cylinders for installations where there is insufficient height for a vertical cylinder. Steel cradles available on request.
  • Available in Grades
    1 - 25 metres (82 feet) maximum working head
    2 - 15 metres (49 feet) maximum working head
    3 - 10 metres (33 feet) maximum working head

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Indirect Copper Cylinders
Indirect Copper Cylinders (Double Feed) to BS 1566: 2002

Direct Copper Cylinders
Direct Copper Cylinders to BS 1566:2002

Combination Cylinders
Compact and Convenient

No primary feed and expansion tank required.

Twin Cylinders
Built for cupboards

Twin Immersion Cylinders 
To suit ‘Off Peak’ Electric Tariffs

High Performance Indirect Hot Water Cylinders
High Performance Indirect cylinders

Fast Heat Rapid Recovery
If you have a requirement that is not listed above, please contact us as we are confident we can manufacture something to suit.

Slimline Vented Hot Water Cylinders

If you are looking to squeeze your cylinder into a tight space, we also offer slimline versions of our vented hot water cylinders.

Typically measuring, an industry leading, 450mm in diameter including the insulation, these slimmer models are manufactured to the same standards and designs as our vented units.

However thanks to our flexible approach to manufacturing and our use of copper, we can manufacture cylinders as small as 300mm shell, plus the required foam lagging.

We can even place the connections in the best location for the installation, making further savings on installation time and costs. 

To find out more about our range of vented hot water cylinders and to discuss sizing and dimensions, contact our technical sales team now.

Vented Hot Water Cylinders: Cost effective hot water heating solutions from McDonald Water Storage.