Thermal Store

THERMflow - Thermal Store Cylinder for Hot Water Storage

With a total focus on high performance and reliability, our THERMflow  thermal store cylinder is designed to:

  • heat up quicker than competitors thanks to an increase in copper coil size
  • achieve a consistently high water temperature due to a combination of our unique design and copper's increased efficiency
  • virtually eliminate any queries or issues faced by clients after installation
  • is a suitable replacement for Albion Mainsflow thermal storage system

Manufactured from premium grade copper, our THERMflow mains pressure hot water system delivers unrivalled performance thanks, in part, to copper's superior thermal transfer properties and natural bacteria killing capabilities.

However one of our key advantages is the extra long copper coil which we incorporate into every THERMflow cylinder. This ensures the water heats up quicker than other thermal storage system, achieves a higher temperature, improves efficiency and reduces ongoing costs.

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How Does a Thermal Store Work?

Our THERMflow Thermal Store works by reversing the function of the Primary (Heating) and Secondary (Domestic) waters. The Primary water is stored in the cylinder and heated by either a boiler or immersion heater.

When heated by a boiler the water can also be pumped round the radiators to provide space heating. The Secondary water comes directly from the mains and passes through a specially designed heat exchanger which draws heat from the Thermal Store. This water then passes through a thermostatic mixing valve which blends it to the correct temperature before it reaches the taps. Additional heat sources such as solar, solid fuel, heat pumps etc can also be utilised very effectively with a THERMflow .

Diagram outlining the implementation of a Thermal Store

Compatible with the latest Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme, our Thermal Store Mains Pressure Hot Water System integrates seamlessly with multiple fuel installations.

Our THERMflow hot water storage system is suitable for multi-fuel installations including:

  • solar thermal
  • heat pumps
  • solid fuel, such as, wood stoves
  • wind
  • electric
  • boilers

Multi Fuel Thermal Store System

The THERMflow Thermal Store System can enable the core energy sources of electricity, gas and oil to be supplemented, or indeed substituted, with more sustainable fuels, such as solar, heat pumps, solid fuel and wind.

The Thermal Store cylinder diagram below shows how multiple fuel sources can be incorporated into the thermal storage system. 

Thermal Store Diagram and Components. Alternative to Albion Mainsflow.

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As you can see from the schematics below, the THERMflow  hot water storage system can also be used for a wide range of applications including the Combination type Electric Model which features an immersion, the combination type sealed system boiler model which features a system coil for the heating if its locate below the radiators, an immersion and a separate feed and expansion tank.

The final diagram shows a Combination Type Boiler Model which draws upon solar thermal technology, gas or oil, solid fuel, and an immersion.

THERMflow hot water cylinder models. Replacement for Albion Mainsflow

Interactive Thermal Store

Check out out interactive thermal store with solid fuel, solar and boiler connections to provide an insight into what can be achieved. To discuss your project call us now on 01592 611123


Slimline Thermal Stores

If you are looking to squeeze your Thermal Store cylinder into a tight space, we also offer Slimline versions of our THERMflow.

Typically measuring, an industry leading, 450mm in diameter including the insulation, these slimmer models are manufactured to the same standards and designs as our THERMflow units.

However thanks to our flexible approach to manufacturing and our use of copper, we can manufacture hot water cylinders as small as 300mm shell, plus the required foam lagging.

We can even place the connections in the best location for the installation, making further savings on installation time and costs.

Rectangular Thermal Stores 

Our flexible manufacturing expertise also enables us to design and deliver rectangular thermal stores to suit specific requirements and specifications. Whether you are looking for a replacement Elson tank or maximising the capacity of your thermal store within a given area, our CUBEflow thermal stores are the perfect solution. Click here to see the full range of Rectangular Thermal Stores.

Thermal Store Advice

Our technical sales team have produced a number of handy tips and guides regarding thermal storage solutionsin response to regular questions being asked by our clients. Check them out below


Thermal Store Spares

We have an extensive range of thermal store spares. For further information on our spares and accessories, view the Spares Section of our website.

For full details of our Thermal Store cylinders or to find out more about the use of our Thermal Store cylinders as a suitable alternative for Mainsflow, simply contact one of our McDonald Water Storage technical sales team on 01592 611123 or download our THERMflow brochure now.

THERMflow: Energy efficient Thermal Store mains pressure hot water system manufactured and distributed by McDonald Water Storage across the UK and Ireland.