Specification & Sizing Plateflow

Technical Data for Buffer Vessel Sizing

Buffer vessels are sized to cope with the demand during peak periods and vary in size as required. Once we know the flow rates required we can advise the kW input needed to achieve it. Full dimensional data will be provided once the system requirements are calculated. To discuss your plate heat exchanger and buffer vessel options just contact us on 01592 611123 or contact us online.

How To Specify
Let us know the following information and we will return a specification for a suitable unit:

  • Steady Flow Rate (l/s)
  • Peak Flow Rate (l/s)
  • Peak Flow Time (mins)
  • Boiler Flow and Return Temps.
  • kW Input If Known
  • Secondary System Pressure or Working Head (bar)

Download our Sizing Guide

Alternatively, download our PLATEflow technical manual now.