Plateflow Plate Heat Exchanger

The PLATEflow plate heat exchanger is designed to supply hot water in situations where demand can vary over the course of a day, e.g. hotels, hospitals, factories etc. The PLATEflow heat exchanger system effectively decreases the amount of stored hot water required, while still delivering peak flow rates as demanded.

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The PLATEflow Plate Heat Exchanger system comprises

  • Superior Quality Alfa Laval Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger (PHE)
  • Pre-piped and mounted on a Buffer Vessel

The plate heat exchanger is supplied pre-assembled to your own specification. PLATEflow significantly reduces installation and commissioning time.

PLATEflow Plate heat exchanger options:

Our plate heat exchanger can be supplied as either:

  • A vented, tank fed unit
  • Suitable for unvented applications when fed from the mains or a boosted cold water supply


At times when less than the steady flow rate is required, all the hot water requirement is generated instantly by the PHE (A), with any excess recharging the buffer vessel (B). Only when demand exceeds the steady flow rate of the PHE, is water from the buffer vessel used (C). Even when the buffer vessel is depleted, the steady flow rate is always available.

Buffer Vessel Technical Data

Buffer vessels are sized to cope with the demand during peak periods and vary in size as required. Once we know the flow rates required we can advise the kW input needed to achieve it. Full dimensional data will be provided once the system requirements are calculated, however you can download our PLATEflow plate heat exchanger technical brochure now.

To discuss your plate heat exchanger sizing, pricing and buffer vessel options simply contact our UK Technical Sales Team on 01592 611123 or contact us online.

How To Specify your Plate Heat Exchanger Sizing & Requirements

Let us know the following information and we will return a specification for a suitable unit:

  • Steady Flow Rate (l/s)
  • Peak Flow Rate (l/s)
  • Peak Flow Time (mins)
  • Boiler Flow and Return Temps.
  • kW Input If Known
  • Secondary System Pressure or Working Head (bar)

PLATEflow Plus

Plateflow PlusOur PLATEflow Plus provides a new level of control and ease of installation to our PLATEflow Plate Heat Exchanger.
The PLATEflow Plus allows the user to fully control both the Primary and Secondary flows to meet the varying hot water demands by including UK Exchangers' Packaged PHE
Our standard set up incorporates a Primary Circulating Shunt Pump, a 4-port control valve, an Industrial Quality Temperature Controller with LCD digital display, and a gasket heat exchanger, which can have more plates added/removed to suit the Boiler Load.
The system also offers the possibility of connecting to a local building management system.
Contact us now to discuss your requirements or download our technical manual now.

McDonald Water Storage: UK Manufacturers of PLATEflow plate heat exchangers and buffer vessels.


Download our Thermal Store Brochure

Download our Thermal Store Manual

Download our Sizing Guide