Our new MULTIflow thermal store range is specifically designed for the contract market, to provide a high performance, mains pressure hot water solution which delivers enormous benefits.
Our thermal store approach can suit multiple installation applications, including electric, boiler or central plant inputs to meet hot water demand. With our unique design and manufacturing solution, we can offer significant cost savings both during installation and ongoing running costs.
Manufactured from premium grade copper, our MULTIflow mains pressure hot water system delivers unrivalled performance thanks, in part, to copper’s superior thermal transfer properties.
The MULTIflow is a direct thermal store, but with the additional flexibility to incorporate a boiler, to provide mains pressure hot water, with two model variants, MULTIflow OV and MULTIflow SB, ranging from 120 to 210 litres.
This multi-application thermal store range can be used with an open vented, sealed or central plant boiler and/or off-peak electricity to aggregate the supply to heat the store, and provide domestic hot water when it is required, keeping running costs for the householder down to a minimum.

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