Heat Pump Cylinders

Regardless of whether it is an Air or Ground source heat pump, Copper hot water cylinders have been widely recognised as the best and most cost effective solution to use in conjunction with the system.

Based on the market leading POWERflow unvented copper cylinder, the ECOflow comes pre-fitted with our high performance heat pump copper coil and is insulated with a white cased finish delivering  a GWP rating of <1.  

An optional integrated buffer vessel sits below the cylinder which offers the advantage of a small footprint which suits many architects and specifiers who have limited space to work with.

Although the ECOflow unvented hot water heat pump cylinder is a standard stock item and ready for dispatch, we have been making bespoke heat pump cylinders for many years and continue to provide a bespoke service to those who require vented heat pump cylinders, non standard heights, multi fuel system connections etc. Simply contact us with your specification and we will give you a quote.

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