ECOflow Specification & Sizing

The ECOflow copper hot water cylinder, comes pre-fitted with our high performance heat pump copper coil.

All the connections are compression fittings and suit standard heat pump installations.

Insulated with a white cased finish, it delivers a GWP rating of <1 and an ODP of zero.

ECOflow Copper Hot Water Cylinder Technical Data - Sizing Guide

1 bedroom + bath/shower1501125 x 550
2 bedroom + bath/shower1801325 x 550
3 bedroom + bath/shower2101525 x 550
4 bedroom + bath/shower2501525 x 600
Larger Properties300+1825 x 600

Dimensions include insulation

In addition to our standard copper hot water cylinder sizes we offer a bespoke service creating tailored units.  No need to compromise. To discuss your options just contact us on 01592 611123 or contact us online.

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ECOflow: Energy efficient copper hot water cylinders for distribution across the UK and Ireland.