Time Saver

Our pre plumbed hot water cylinder range, The TIMEsaver, is as the name suggests, quick and easy to install in every situation and gives specifiers and installers, a compact, pre-plumbed (BS:1566) Copper Hot Water Cylinder, with Cold Water Storage tank above.TIMEsaver pre plumbed cylinders

TIMEsaver  pre plumbed hot water cylinders are manufactured in Direct (Electric) and Indirect (Boiler) models.

The cold water tank is manufactured in accordance with Byelaw 30 and can be supplied with an insulating jacket as an option.

An additional Universal Pump can be supplied to provide increased pressure for power showers etc. 

Other Extras Available As Options

  • Universal 2 Bar pump fitted - to provide increased pressure for power showers etc.
  • Other capacities, sizes and connections available
  • Solar, or heat pump coil, fitted
  • Immersion heater/s supplied & fitted
  • Insulation jacket for cold water storage tank
  • Primary feed and expansion tank
  • 50mm cylinder insulation
  • Cylinder thermostat fitted

Pre Plumbed cylinders and Storage Tank Capacity & Dimensions

227/120 2050 x 590sq
227/144 2050 x 590sq
227/175 2050 x 590sq
227/210 2050 x 670sq
227/250 2050 x 670sq

Add 180mm to the width or the depth if a pump is fitted

In addition to our standard sizes that we hold in stock, we offer a bespoke service creating tailored units so you don't need to compromise. 

Click here to download our pre plumbed hot water cylinders, TIMEsaver, brochure.

For further information on our TIMESaver pre plumbed cylinders and storage tank simply contact our UK sales team on 01592 611123 or contact us online.

Pre plumbed Cylinders: TIMESaver from McDonald Water Storage, quick and easy to install and saving you time and money. Available throughout the UK and Ireland.