Hot Water Cylinder News

Calorifiers for Schools

McDonald Engineers has manufactured 2no 1200 litre Calorifiers for a school in South Lanarkshire which were designed to minimise the risk of legionella and allow easy maintenance.

The project was part of South Lanarkshire Council’s refurbishment programme and McDonald Engineers were asked to design and specify the Calorifiers which would meet the exact water demands of the building.

Calorifier Maintenance Solution Transforms Performance

McDonald Engineers has transformed the performance of an 800 litre pre-heat solar calorifier in an existing building following routine maintenance to address lower temperatures during peak periods.

The low temperatures being achieved by the pre heat calorifier was resulting in increased energy consumption by the rest of the system as the benefits of the solar thermal technology was not being capitalised upon.

The additional concern was the lower temperatures in the cylinder may have caused potential issues with legionella in the future.

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McDonald Engineers Continue To Invest

McDonald Engineers have continued their investment programme to maintain the company’s position as one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of copper hot water cylinders.

The investment programme is seen as a key factor in allowing McDonald Engineers to deliver a total quality solution with the latest equipment and state of the art communications systems.

750 Litre Copper Calorifier for Ullapool Ferry Terminal Upgrade

McDonald Engineers has designed, manufactured and supplied a 750 Litre copper calorifier for the upgrade works to Ullapool Ferry Terminal.

The development features an innovative heating and hot water system which uses an ocean source heat pump topped up by solar, photo voltaic panels, located on the terminal roof.

The specification required a sophisticated calorifier which featured a range of additional safety features including an anti-vacuum valve, bursting disc, an anti-legionella de-stratification pump and inspection manhole to meet BS:853 standards.

CENTRALflow Heat Interface Storage

Complete Stored Hot Water Solution for Social Housing Project

McDonald Engineers has provided the complete stored hot water solution for a new social housing project in the North East of England by supplying its CENTRALflow system and its POWERflow indirect cylinders.

The project consisted of two separate packages, the first of which was a 3 storey social housing block which offered extra care facilities for tenants and utilised McDonald Engineers’ CENTRALflow system featuring rectangular thermal stores with type 2 Heat Interface Units.

CUBEflow Brochure

Maintenance Free Thermal Stores Secure Major Contract

McDonald Engineers has enabled a major Housing Association to deliver dramatic savings on the hot water systems in 33 properties which were being refurbished by designing, manufacturing and supplying tanks which were more efficient and required little ongoing maintenance.

The homes previously had inefficient 150 litre vented rectangular hot water tanks which were causing pressure and maintenance issues.

Slimline Unvented Cylinders

If you are looking to squeeze your cylinder into a tight space, we also offer slimline versions of our Unvented Cylinders.

Typically measuring 450mm in diameter, these slimmer models are manufactured to the same standards and designs as our POWERflow units and come with the full 25 year guarantee.

However, thanks to our unique approach to manufacturing hot water cylinders and our use of copper, we can manufacture cylinders as small as 300mm shell plus the required foam lagging.