Hot Water Cylinder News

Are the Antimicrobial Properties of Copper Too Good to be True?

That was the question asked at a recent Research Conference and the answer, provided by Professor Marc Solioz of Russia’s Tomsk State University, was an emphatic ‘no’.

In fact, his presentation showed that the antimicrobial properties of copper could actually potentially be improved.

He presented results of laboratory research from around the world which unanimously showed that pathogens coming into contact with a copper surface, such as a door handle or light switch, were rapidly destroyed.

Research Shows Copper Cylinders Save Over £227 Every Year

Recent research has proven that a copper cylinder with an Integron finned copper coil can provide savings of £227 per year compared to a standard stainless steel hot water cylinder.

The research was carried out at McDonald Engineers UK Testing Facilities to analyse the time it took for a 210 litre unvented cylinder from 13°C to 55°C.


Bespoke Copper Coil

Bespoke Buffer Vessel With 20 Square Metre Heat Pump Coil

McDonald Engineers UK have demonstrated its unique ability to deliver complex hot water storage solutions, by designing and manufacturing a 450litre buffer vessel which featured a 20 metre square heat pump coil for a Housing Association in Leicestershire.

The project specification also demanded the cylinder achieve a capacity of 450 litres but also fit through the doorway of the existing plant room.  

The Housing Association approached around 10 companies in the UK and McDonald Engineers UK were the only ones who said “YES WE CAN!”

Spartan Tank Replacement

Replacement for Spartan Tanks Available from McDonald Engineers

McDonald Engineers’ MINImac cylinder has demonstrated its ability to provide a direct replacement for Spartan Tanks which were commonly installed in high rise buildings or where a gravity system was in use and where space was restricted.

The MINImac system works like the Spartan tank and allows the secondary hot water system to feed, fill and vent the primary central heating system.

Horizontal Cylinder Working in Parallel

Horizontal Hot Water Cylinder Solution for Boutique Hotel

McDonald Engineers has designed and manufactured two horizontal hot water cylinders as a solution to provide a boutique hotel with 700 litres of capacity to its newly refurbished 11 luxury rooms each fitted with high specification drench showers.

The technical sales team faced a challenging brief which required the solution to fit in the low level loft space whilst ensuring the hot water capacity was more than capable of meeting the demands even during peak periods.

Bespoke Hot Water Storage Solution for Major Food Company

McDonald Engineers has designed, manufactured and supplied a bespoke hot water storage solution which will provide a key role in the chocolate making process for one of the UK’s largest food manufacturers.

The project was to develop a 75 litre hot water cylinder to feed a continuous hot water loop which was being used during the manufacturing process to maintain the melted chocolate at a consistent temperature before the moulding process began.

Solar Drain Back

Solar Drain Back Cylinder

McDonald Engineers UK has manufactured a bespoke 1000 x 200mm solar drain back cylinder for a renewable energy project in the Channel Islands.

The solar drain back cylinder is being used to allow the fluid in solar panels to empty when the circulation pump is not running, which eliminates the risk of freeze damage to the panels.

The cylinder was manufactured from copper and to McDonald Engineers UK’s superior quality standards and was finished in a white case to improve the aesthetics.

Buffer Vessel for Wind Turbine

Buffer Vessel for Wind Turbine

McDonald Engineers UK has manufactured a 2000 litre copper buffer vessel to maximize the heat transfer from the energy generated by a wind turbine for one of the UK’s leading training providers in the construction industry.

With wind energy becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the agricultural industry, McDonald Engineers UK are leading the way in developing hot water solutions which can harness the energy which is generated.

Hot Water Cylinder for Northumberland Hotel

Bespoke Heat Pump Hot Water Solution for Northumberland Hotel

McDonald Engineers has demonstrated its expertise in the design, manufacture and supply of hot water cylinders for heat pump installations with a bespoke solution for a new 40-bedroom hotel in Northumberland.

Our technical sales team worked closely with the M&E Consultant to design the most efficient solution, exploring a range of options including our PLATEflow system, which is extremely popular in the hotel industry as it minimises stored water requirements whilst ensuring there is a constant hot water even during peak periods.

Copper Tundish

Bespoke Copper Tundish

McDonald Engineers UK has demonstrated its expertise in manufacturing bespoke copper products by making two different types of copper tundishes for plant rooms.

The tundishes were being used to collect discharged water from a number of outlets in the plant room and are often specified as copper to avoid corrosion.

Each tundish was manufactured from 0.7mm thick copper to the specifications supplied by the client.