Hot Water Cylinder News

Solar Drain Back

Solar Drain Back Cylinder

McDonald Engineers UK has manufactured a bespoke 1000 x 200mm solar drain back cylinder for a renewable energy project in the Channel Islands.

The solar drain back cylinder is being used to allow the fluid in solar panels to empty when the circulation pump is not running, which eliminates the risk of freeze damage to the panels.

The cylinder was manufactured from copper and to McDonald Engineers UK’s superior quality standards and was finished in a white case to improve the aesthetics.

Buffer Vessel for Wind Turbine

Buffer Vessel for Wind Turbine

McDonald Engineers UK has manufactured a 2000 litre copper buffer vessel to maximize the heat transfer from the energy generated by a wind turbine for one of the UK’s leading training providers in the construction industry.

With wind energy becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the agricultural industry, McDonald Engineers UK are leading the way in developing hot water solutions which can harness the energy which is generated.

Hot Water Cylinder for Northumberland Hotel

Bespoke Heat Pump Hot Water Solution for Northumberland Hotel

McDonald Engineers has demonstrated its expertise in the design, manufacture and supply of hot water cylinders for heat pump installations with a bespoke solution for a new 40-bedroom hotel in Northumberland.

Our technical sales team worked closely with the M&E Consultant to design the most efficient solution, exploring a range of options including our PLATEflow system, which is extremely popular in the hotel industry as it minimises stored water requirements whilst ensuring there is a constant hot water even during peak periods.

Copper Tundish

Bespoke Copper Tundish

McDonald Engineers UK has demonstrated its expertise in manufacturing bespoke copper products by making two different types of copper tundishes for plant rooms.

The tundishes were being used to collect discharged water from a number of outlets in the plant room and are often specified as copper to avoid corrosion.

Each tundish was manufactured from 0.7mm thick copper to the specifications supplied by the client.

Cost Savings on Hot Water Cylinder

McDonald Engineers UK has enabled Glamis Castle to enjoy cost savings on a replacement hot water cylinder by manufacturing and supplying a hot water solution which was optimised to suit the exact needs of the facility.

The project builds on McDonald Engineers UK's position as one of the UK’s market leaders for manufacturing and supplying hot water cylinders for historic buildings and castles having successfully carried out a number in the last few years including Knock Castle, Fingask Castle, Pittormie Castle, Dalmunzie Castle Hotel and Ross Priory

Feed and expansion Tank

High Temperature Copper Feed and Expansion Tanks Now Available to Buy Online

McDonald Engineers UKs’ superior quality feed and expansion tanks are now available to buy online from the online store which sells genuine spares and accessories.

The feed and expansion tanks are used for thermal stores and buffer vessels when combined with Solid Fuel boilers and stoves – which have the potential of venting hot water up to 100ºC.

The expansion tanks feature a high temperature maintenance free ball valve and copper float to cope with the potentially high temperatures that could reach up to 100°C.

mcdonald engineers superior hot water cylinder range

Best Hot Water Cylinders 2015

This year has been a momentous year for McDonald Years, not only with our 70th anniversary celebrations, but with the broad range of prestigious projects we have manufactured our hot water cylinders for.

So in addition to the thousands of standard specification hot water cylinders which we supply to customers across the UK, we have picked out a few of our own personal highlights.

ERP Rating for Hot Water Cylinders

A Rated ErP Hot Water Cylinders

The introduction of the Energy Related Products (ErP) Directive for Hot Water Cylinders in September 2015 has seen a rise in the number of enquiries from clients looking to achieve higher energy ratings to satisfy the demands of the more discerning clients.

And thanks to McDonald Engineers expertise in developing hot water solutions which meet the exact requirements of our clients, we are able to achieve an A Rating for virtually every type of indirect hot cylinder.

ERP Thermal Store Grade A

ErP Rating of Hot Water Cylinders

The new Energy Related Products (ErP) Directive which came into force in September 2015 means that all hot water cylinders are now required to display an energy rating label which communicates the heat loss factor.

The ErP Directive is designed to improve the energy efficiency and performance standard of products, using any form of energy, which could impact on your carbon footprint.