Hot Water Cylinder News

Stainless Steel Boiling Tanks

McDonald Engineers UK has manufactured and supplied 2 stainless steel boiling tanks for the National Museum of Scotland for their laboratories in Edinburgh.

Measuring 1500mm x 1000mm x 1000mm and featuring a number of heavy duty electric immersions and a hinged lid, the tanks are being used for a variety of purposes including cleaning the meat from animal bones for their taxidermy department.

Marine Calorifier Manufactured as Exact Replacement

McDonald Engineers UK has demonstrated its expertise in marine calorifiers by manufacturing and supplying a 300 litre unvented cylinder for an ‘A’ Class Suction Dredger manufactured from heavy duty copper.

The client was looking to keep dock time down to a minimum and was delighted to take advantage of McDonald Engineers UK’s ability to offer a custom service which enables like for like replacements to be achieved cost effectively.

Calorifiers for Sports Facilities

McDonald Engineers UK has supplied two calorifiers for Glenrothes Strollers, one of Fife’s leading amateur football clubs, as part of a project to upgrade their changing facilities which can be used by over 400 footballers per week.

The community club has been established for over 40 years and has asserted/cemented itself as a key organisation in the town with an active programme which works with school children, disabled players and community payback schemes.

Slimline Indirect Copper Cylinders for Local Council

McDonald Engineers UK has secured a major contract to supply slimline indirect copper cylinders for a local authority housing maintenance team as part of a refurbishment programme.

McDonald Engineers UK will now embark on the major project manufacturing the 90 litre indirect copper cylinders measuring 1500mm high and just 300mm in diameter. 50mm of insulation was then applied to maintain current efficiency standards and an overall diameter of only 400mm.

Vented Copper Hot Water Cylinders for Scottish Fuel Poverty Project

McDonald Engineers UK has played a key role in helping reduce fuel poverty throughout Scotland. Following on from the scheme success across England, the Scottish government has set millions aside to allow households hit by fuel poverty to be upgraded with thicker roof insulation, new radiators, boilers and in some cases copper cylinders.

Elson Water Tank Replacement

Elson Replacement Solution Saves Time & Money

When a London Borough was looking to replace the now discontinued Elson rectangular hot water storage tanks, which were coming to the end of their working life, they called upon McDonald Engineers UK’s expertise in manufacturing bespoke hot water storage solutions, to achieve exact replacements of the existing Elson units.

The rectangular tanks were originally designed as space saving solutions to fit snugly within tight spaces, such as airing cupboards and loft spaces.

1000 litre calorifier and two 5000 litre buffer vessels

Biomass Hot Water Storage for College

McDonald Engineers UK has designed, manufactured and supplied a hot water storage solution for a major college in Scotland comprising of a 1000 litre calorifier and two 5000 litre buffer vessels to work in conjunction with a biomass facility.

The college was looking to convert its existing open vented calorifier system to incorporate Biomass energy and approached McDonald Engineers UK to assist with the project.

Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Training Course

McDonald Engineers is organising another of its highly popular Powerflow Unvented Cylinder training courses on 21st September 2016.

The BPEC Certified Unvented Cylinder training course enables all plumbers and installers of unvented cylinders to fulfil their legal obligation to complete the course every 5 years.

The course provides delegates with a complete understanding of Parts P and J of the Building standards as well as allowing them to identify typical faults associated with the installation and maintenance of unvented hot water storage systems.

Healing Powers of Copper

The Healing Powers of Copper

It appears that the powers of copper are now being harnessed and used in orthotic insoles to deliver significant health benefits.

Not only can the Original Copper Heeler insoles help aching feet, sore joints and swollen legs, it appears the regular use of these products can have a far greater impact on your physical health and well-being.