Hot Water Cylinder News

1200L Calorifier

1200 Litre Vented Calorifiers for School

McDonald Water Storage has manufactured 2 x 1200 litre calorifiers measuring 2000mm high by 900mm wide for a school in Leicestershire.
The vented grade 2 calorifiers were designed to suit a maximum working head of 15 metres as per the existing unit and with 50mm polyurethane foam lagging to minimise heat loss.
gentoo calorifier

Replacement 450 Litre Calorifier for Offices in Sunderland

McDonald Water Storage has demonstrated its expertise in manufacturing exact like for like replacement calorifiers by manufacturing and supplying a 450 litre indirect unvented calorifier for a housing association in Sunderland.
Working closely with the M&E contractor on site, McDonald Water Storage was able to design the cylinder with the connections in the exact same locations as the existing cylinder for a quick and easy installation.
Replacement Elson Topaz Tank

Replacement Elson Topaz Units

McDonald Water Storage has demonstrated its ability to manufacture like-for-like replacement hot water tanks for virtually any existing system by designing, manufacturing and supplying a like-for-like replacement for an Elson Topaz tank.
With Elson discontinuing their entire range of rectangular units in 2011, McDonald Water Storage purchased the manufacturing equipment and recruited one of the Senior Product Engineers to meet the demand for replacement units.
Guide to Servicing Unvented Cylinders

Guide to Servicing Unvented Cylinders

Are You Missing Out on This Valuable Revenue Stream?

McDonald Water Storage is supporting an initiative launched by the Hot Water Association warning consumers about the importance of servicing their unvented hot water cylinders and providing a 14 point guide on the areas they should be addressing.
David Stewart

McDonald Water Storage Strengthen Senior Management Team

McDonald Water Storage has appointed David Stewart as its new Sales Director as it embarks upon a major growth strategy.

The company recently changed its name from McDonald Engineers UK and carried out a full re-branding exercise as it aims to position itself as the specialist hot water storage solutions provider.

Replacement elson tank

Replacement of Custom Elson Hot Water Tank

McDonald Water Storage has demonstrated its expert ability in supplying exact replacements for discontinued Elson tanks by manufacturing a replacement for an unusual custom Elson unit which had failed.

The bespoke units were designed to fit within a bathroom and were installed above the toilet, and so, to prevent sore heads, the tanks feature an angular wedge-shape.

McDonald Water Storage customised their CUBEflow Electric Thermal Store solution to create a 110 litre unit measuring 960mm high by 450mm wide and 575mm deep with 2 x 3kW immersions.