Major CUBEflow Contract for 8 Storey Apartment Block

McDonald Water Storage have designed, manufactured and supplied 160 of its CUBEflow Electric rectangular tanks for the refurbishment of three 8 storey apartment blocks for a local authority in Scotland.

The aim of the project was to replace the existing 120 litre combination cylinders with a solution which would improve efficiency whilst delivering the same level of performance and freeing up valuable cupboard space for the tenants.

After surveying the properties, McDonald Water Storage proposed a rectangular hot water tank with a 110litre capacity to meet the hot water demands required by a kitchen sink and a bathroom.

The CUBEflow rectangular tank measured 400mm wide x 600mm deep and 900mm high providing substantial savings on space over the combination cylinder which was over 1200m high and took up most of the cupboard.

The rectangular tank was designed to be located on a raised shelf in the cupboard to allow valuable storage space whilst also featuring a maintenance panel to enable easy access to the ballvalve.

The solution also delivered significant improvements in efficiency with improved re-heat times due to the reduced capacity and the use of the latest 3Kw immersions as well as delivering a lower standing heat loss.

McDonald Water Storage’ Sales Manager, David Stewart, explained “Our CUBEflow rectangular tanks make much better use of space compared with traditional cylinder models and can deliver the same capacity, making them ideal for projects such as this where space is critical.”

He continued, “And with larger projects such as this, a small mistake in over-specifying the solution, such as capacity, can have a major impact on both the capital expenditure and the lifetime running costs of the cylinder. By carrying out the survey and understanding exactly what is required, we can advise on the optimum solution.”

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