22 Reasons to Used Stored Hot Water in a Heat Network

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The Hot Water Association has reinforced McDonald Water Storage’s campaign to use hot water storage within heat network schemes whether Central plant or district heating, with the recent publication of its Design Guide for Stored Hot Water Solutions in Heat Networks, which lists no fewer than 22 advantages of using stored hot water over instantaneous systems.
With many technical challenges surrounding boiler sizing, diversity requirements and pipework infrastructure, the significant benefits which localised storage can provide should be considered.
Having localised storage means that the boiler size and therefore pipework infrastructure can be dramatically reduced in size, saving money and building the efficiency of the system by smoothing out the running load of the boiler.
The 29-page document is designed to provide guidance to engineers who are considering using stored hot water in projects and existing schemes which are using a variety of heat networks.
Water Storage’s Managing Director, Jamie Stewart, commented, “We have been working with a number of consultants and social landlords across the UK providing a thermal store solution which is manufactured to fit where space is a premium.  Our CUBEflow rectangular thermal store means that we can virtually manufacture any variety to optimise the central plant operation, with outstanding feedback.”
He continued, “In addition to delivering mains pressure hot water, the thermal store can achieve significant savings on running costs as well as avoiding costly and problematic issues surrounding G3 and discharge pipework. And thanks to our ability to manufacture custom sized units and match connection layouts, we are able to minimise installation times and costs.”