Slimline Unvented Hot Water Cylinders for Berkshire Apartments

McDonald Engineers UK has designed, manufactured and supplied 30 of its slimline POWERflow unvented hot water cylinders for a property in Berkshire which was being converted from commercial offices to luxury apartments.

Working closely with the consultant, McDonald Engineers technical sales team designed each of the thirty cylinders to meet the expected demand in the properties.

However, as can be the case with refurbishment projects, the available space varied in each of the properties and so McDonald Engineers carried out a full survey of the building before tailoring the shape and connection layout for every cylinder.

As a result, the project consisted of mostly slimline 120 litre and 150 litre cylinders with a 300mm diameter shell with an additional 50mm of high density polyurethane insulation.

McDonald Engineers also worked closely with the contractor to agree a delivery schedule which dovetailed with their works schedules to improve cash flows and avoid having products lying on site.

McDonald Engineers UK’s Sales Manager, David Stewart, explained “Refurbishment projects and replacement programmes are where our solutions based approach comes into its own. By surveying the property and working closely with the consultants, we can deliver the optimum size of hot water cylinder, in the optimum shape and with the most efficient connection layout.”

He continued, “Our whole focus is on delivering the most efficient hot water storage solution which can only be achieved through our flexible manufacturing approach and our commitment to using copper.”

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