Slimline Indirect Copper Cylinders for Local Council

McDonald Engineers UK has secured a major contract to supply slimline indirect copper cylinders for a local authority housing maintenance team as part of a refurbishment programme.

McDonald Engineers UK will now embark on the major project manufacturing the 90 litre indirect copper cylinders measuring 1500mm high and just 300mm in diameter. 50mm of insulation was then applied to maintain current efficiency standards and an overall diameter of only 400mm.

The team worked closely with the client to design the optimum slimline version of its market leading POWERflow cylinder and manufactured a prototype to demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the proposed solution.

As the UK’s most experienced copper cylinder manufacturer, McDonald Engineers UK optimised the coil to suit the size of the cylinder without putting too much pressure on the boiler system. The locations of the connections were customised to reduce installation times.

McDonald Engineers’ Sales Manager, David Stewart, explained, “This is a great example of our ability to deliver highly efficient hot water storage solutions. By working closely with clients at the design stage, we can determine the right capacity, the optimum dimensions and the most efficient specification to provide the most cost effective long term solution.”

To find out more about our slimline indirect copper cylinders visit /products/unvented-hot-water-cylinder or contact our technical sales team on 01592 611123.