Semi Instantaneous Hot Water Solution for Glasgow Swimming Pool

McDonald Water Storage has designed, manufactured and supplied a 300 litre PLATEflow semi-instantaneous hot water solution to ensure the patrons at a Glasgow swimming pool never have to face cold showers.

The system features a 74kW brazed plate heat exchanger which can deliver a constant supply of hot water at 19 litres per minute with the 300 litre buffer vessel available to cope with any peak in demand which requires an additional supply.

The system is manufactured to the rigorous BS853 standards and designed to cope with a working pressure of 4.0 Bar.

The buffer vessel measured 1800 x 500mm with a 150mm Inspection Hatch & Insulation Jacket together with an additional 50mm of installation and white cased for a sleek finish. 

McDonald Water Storage secured the contract after working closely with the M&E contractor to optimise the design, specification and connection layout to ensure the installation was as straight forward as possible.

McDonald Water Storage’s Sales Manager, David Stewart, “Our PLATEflow semi-instantaneous system delivers a highly cost effective hot water solution for facilities such as swimming pools, sports centres and hotels which can experience significant peaks in demand.”

The PLATEflow solution avoids the need and costs associated with storing a large volume of hot water to cope with potential peak demands by using a plate heat exchanger to meet the regular demand and only calling upon the buffer vessel when required.

David continued, “We are one of the few hot water cylinder companies which can offer a fully customised design and manufacturing service all under one roof.  This enables us to go the extra mile for clients, making those small design tweaks which can have a massive impact on installation costs and ensuring a superior quality of service from the technical advice at the front end right through to manufacture and delivery.”

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