Custom Made Hot Water Cylinder for Luxury Home

McDonald Engineers UK Bespoke 700 litre Custom POWERflow unvented cylinder
McDonald Engineers UK has demonstrated their ability to design, manufacture and supply custom made hot water cylinders for high end residential properties by delivering this 700 litre bespoke POWERflow unvented cylinder to work in conjunction with a ground source heat pump.
The property owner had reported an issue with their existing cylinder working with the ground source heat pump and asked McDonald Engineers to present a solution.
After discussing the options to repair and modify the existing cylinder, the client decided to replace the entire cylinder with a new McDonald Engineers high efficiency hot water storage solution.
McDonald Engineers manufactured an exact replica of the existing hot water cylinder to tie in perfectly with the existing pipework and minimise the disruption on site during install.
The new cylinder featured an upgraded 42kW Heat Pump Coil measuring 8.4 square metres to maximise the transfer of heat generated by the heat pump coil together with a heavy duty back up immersion heater.
With such a large cylinder, measuring 1750mm x 750mm, McDonald Engineers also installed a destratification pump which is designed to continuously circulate the water in the hot water cylinder, providing a more consistent temperature throughout and minimising the risk of bacteria, such as legionella, forming in the tank – which can occur in lower temperatures.
To assist with maintenance and cleaning, McDonald Engineers also installed an inspection manhole and cover.
McDonald Engineers UK’s Sales Manager, David Stewart, explained “Our ability to deliver custom made hot water storage solutions enables us to meet the specific needs of luxury properties – whatever the size of cylinder, the energy sources to be incorporated, and the demands placed on the hot water storage solution.”

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