Marine Calorifier Manufactured as Exact Replacement

McDonald Engineers UK has demonstrated its expertise in marine calorifiers by manufacturing and supplying a 300 litre unvented cylinder for an ‘A’ Class Suction Dredger manufactured from heavy duty copper.

The client was looking to keep dock time down to a minimum and was delighted to take advantage of McDonald Engineers UK’s ability to offer a custom service which enables like for like replacements to be achieved cost effectively.

The 300 litre calorifier also featured heavy duty immersions and also an inspection manhole to allow any inspection and cleaning maintenance to be carried out quickly and safely.  

McDonald Engineers UK Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, explained, “Copper is widely accepted as the best material for marine calorifiers due to its ability to deal better with the harsh corrosive nature of the salt water environment, as well as its superior heat transfer properties.”

He continued, “Our ability to design and manufacture exact replacements mean that the cylinder can be replaced in a matter of minutes as opposed to having to amend existing pipework to tie in with new connections. This is critical in the marine industry where port stays can be extremely short. Time is money!”

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