Bespoke Copper Hot Water Cylinders for Train Carriages

McDonald Engineers has demonstrated its ability to deliver bespoke copper hot water cylinders by designing, manufacturing and supplying 15 unvented cylinders to be fitted in the carriages of a new luxury train.

With space being a key issue, McDonald Engineers designed the direct hot water cylinders to measure just 600mm x 500mm and achieve the 96 litres of capacity required by the client.

Each cylinder was fitted with 2kW immersion heaters to reduce the total load being used by the train carriage, while still maintaining the standard connection size and making them easily replaceable, in the unlikely event of any issues.

Technical Sales Manager, David Stewart, explained “Quality and reliability is absolutely critical in the luxury transport market and after successful supplying similar tanks for another train in the fleet, we were delighted to be awarded a second contract.”

He continued, “Whilst the size and specification of these cylinders is out-with standard product ranges, we specialise in hot water storage solutions, manufacturing to the exact specification for the project, whether that is size, capacity, heat source or connections.”

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