Rectangular Thermal Stores Delivers Dramatic Savings on Installation Costs

McDonald Water Storage has shown why the company is becoming the installer’s preferred choice for hot water cylinders by enabling a plumbing and heating contractor to dramatically reduce the installation times of thermal stores on the refurbishment project of a high-rise apartment.

The installation contractor was replacing existing combination vented cylinders with 140 litre THERMflow thermal store cylinders with a 500mm diameter in 60 apartments on behalf of a housing association.

However, variations in onsite conditions were causing issues with installation times and associated costs due to the available space in the cupboards and the additional work required to reconnect them.

After discussing the issue with our Technical Sales team, McDonald Water Storage presented an alternative solution using our CUBEflow rectangular thermal store which delivered the same capacity whilst reducing the footprint by over 100mm in depth.

The CUBEflow approach delivered the same specification of thermal store but allowed all connections to be locate to one side, enabling pipework to be in place ready to connect, eliminating all variations in onsite conditions.

This made the installation process much quicker and far more predictable for project management.

McDonald Water Storage’s Sales Manager, David Stewart, explained “Whilst we prefer to survey jobs of this size, getting access to all properties occupied by tenants can make it almost impossible.”

He continued, “By working closely with the contractor during the install process, we were able to react quickly to the issue which was costing the contractor valuable time and money and develop a solution which transformed the project.”

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