Made to Measure

POWERflow Horizontal Unvented

With a client brief to improve water performance and to create further space within the master en-suite bathroom by removing the existing open vented hot water cylinder, an installer recently came to us with a requirement for a POWERflow unvented horizontal cylinder.

The cylinder needed to be a bespoke design to fit a roof void which was only being used as storage and to house the existing cold water storage tanks. By doing so, the installer was able to remove the existing cylinder and to free up the required space on the first floor of the property. 

John from Blades Heating Ltd (Oxted, Surrey) said, “The house is a lovely three floor property. Our clients had their bathrooms upgraded to a very high standard, and with the addition of the POWERflow cylinder, all looks and works beautifully. Most importantly the homeowners are more than happy with the performance of the hot water within the new bathrooms and throughout the property.”

“Having the cylinder bespoke designed made the installation more straight forward and allowed us to gain the space our client was looking for.  We will be looking to utilise the bespoke manufacturing services of McDonald Water Storage in the future.”