Slimline Elson Replacements for London Apartment Block

Elson Pearl Replacement
McDonald Water Storage has manufactured and supplied five bespoke slimline versions of its CUBEflow rectangular tank to provide a like-for-like replacement for existing Slimline Elson Coral E units which were failing in an apartment block in London.
After experiencing a couple of failures which resulted in thousands of pounds of damage to multiple properties, the management company of the apartment block instructed all property owners to replace their hot water tanks with McDonald Water Storage units.
Working closely with the appointed plumbing contractor, McDonald Water Storage designed the 115 litre Electric Thermal Stores to measure 685mm deep by 285mm wide and 1165mm high with all connections positioned exactly as per existing units to minimise installation times.
The system featured 2no 3kW immersion heaters together with a direct hot water coil and a 22mm mixing valve to regulate the temperature of the hot water and minimise the risk of scalding.
McDonald Water Storage’s Sales Director, David Stewart, explained “The existing Elson units were designed to fit in a very tight area in a cupboard to achieve the required capacity in the limited space available. However, when the tanks started failing, the tenants struggled to find an alternative with Elson discontinuing the production of rectangular units.”
He continued, “Thankfully, McDonald Water Storage bought the full manufacturing line so we are able to design, manufacture and supply exact like-for-like copper replacements of any Elson units to the superior quality standards we are renowned for.”
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