Replacement 450 Litre Calorifier for Offices in Sunderland

gentoo calorifier
McDonald Water Storage has demonstrated its expertise in manufacturing exact like for like replacement calorifiers by manufacturing and supplying a 450 litre indirect unvented calorifier for a housing association in Sunderland.
Working closely with the M&E contractor on site, McDonald Water Storage was able to design the cylinder with the connections in the exact same locations as the existing cylinder for a quick and easy installation.
The 450 litre copper calorifier was manufactured with a shell size of 1800mm x 600mm with 50mm high density insulation and supplied with a white cased finish and a 100 litre nitrogen filled expansion vessel.
The calorifier featured a 57kW fixed coil to provide a 30-minute recovery time as well as two 3kW 11” unvented immersions to provide a backup heat source should the boiler go down for any reason.
McDonald Water Storage also incorporated a destratification pump and timer to ensure the hot water continues to circulate, preventing pockets of cold water forming.
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