Bespoke Unvented Cylinders for Conversion of Offices to Student Accommodation

Bespoke Unvented Cylinder for Student Accommodation
McDonald Water Storage’s bespoke unvented cylinder solutions has enabled a contractor to overcome a major challenge with the hot water cylinders for a project which will see the conversion of offices into student accommodation in South East of England.
The contractor had originally planned to use standard 150 litre direct unvented cylinders with a 550mm diameter whilst fitting within the existing cupboards which measured 570mm x 565mm. However, the test cylinder showed the positioning of the immersion heaters, together with the 50mm insulation, prevented the door from closing.
With over 135 cylinders to be installed in existing cupboard spaces, the contractor was faced with the expense and hassle of amending all of the cupboards to suit a standard cylinder or look at a custom designed cylinder to suit the space.
Having worked with McDonald Water Storage on several commercial contracts which required a bespoke calorifier, they approached our technical sales team for assistance.
Whilst the obvious choice would be to look at a slimline hot water cylinder, there was a height restriction of around 1700mm so McDonald Water Storage developed a highly competitive solution to work within the restrictions and existing budget.
Using its 3D modelling software, McDonald Water Storage developed a solution which used the standard dimensions of 1150 x 550 and positioned the immersion heaters and the relief valves at 45 degree angles to fit into the corner of the cupboard.
With space being a premium it also caused a problem with the cold feed pipework. To get around this McDonald Water Storage installed a vertical feed pipe at the back of the cylinder to enable easy installation.
Sales Director, David Stewart, explained “We are totally focused on delivering the optimum hot water storage solution for our clients. And whilst thermal stores are generally seen as the most suitable for refurbishment and conversion projects like this due to the fact they can deliver mains pressure water do not require discharge pipework, our unvented cylinders delivered exactly what they required at a highly competitive rate.”
McDonald Water Storage also developed a manufacturing schedule which enabled the contractor to call off batches to suit their installation programme.
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