Replacement of Custom Elson Hot Water Tank

Replacement elson tank

McDonald Water Storage has demonstrated its expert ability in supplying exact replacements for discontinued Elson tanks by manufacturing a replacement for an unusual custom Elson unit which had failed.

The bespoke units were designed to fit within a bathroom and were installed above the toilet, and so, to prevent sore heads, the tanks feature an angular wedge-shape.

McDonald Water Storage customised their CUBEflow Electric Thermal Store solution to create a 110 litre unit measuring 960mm high by 450mm wide and 575mm deep with 2 x 3kW immersions.

The standard position for the primary header tank in a thermal store is above, however, in order to maximise the tank capacity the header tank is located parallel to the main body of water. 

To minimise the installation costs, McDonald Water Storage ensured the connections were positioned exactly as per the original unit to use the existing pipework as well as installing identical fixing brackets.

McDonald Water Storage’s Sales Manager, David Stewart, explained “When we launched our CUBEflow solution, we invested heavily in all aspects of our business to ensure former Elson customers can receive exact like for like replacements to their existing solution.”

He continued, “We not only purchased the manufacturing equipment from Elson, we also recruited Doug Rodgerson, Elson’s Product Development Engineer who has brought his technical knowledge and experience which enables us to deliver these types of projects.


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