Electric Thermal Stores for Apartment Block

McDonald Engineers UK manufacture Copper Thermal Stores

McDonald Water Storage has secured the contract to design, manufacture, and supply 32No Electric Thermal Stores for an Apartment Block in Newcastle for a major housing association.

The apartments were being refurbished and McDonald Water Storage was asked to survey the existing hot water storage solution and propose a suitable alternative.

Despite being mainly one bedroomed apartments with no baths and electric showers, most of the existing cylinders were 210 litre electric vented cylinders to work with the Economy 7 tariff, with a few newer 210 litre unvented cylinders.

The client was also looking for a solution which was focused on tenant safety and minimised both installation and potential ongoing costs.

Following In-depth surveys of the individual properties, McDonald Water Storage developed a solution using its THERMflow thermal store which achieved the brief plus improved energy efficiency, overcame legionella concerns and delivered mains pressure hot water. 

The solution used 85 litre electric combination thermal stores which were designed to meet the required hot water demand for the properties whilst achieving a dramatic reduction in running costs.

Installation costs were also minimised as the thermal stores could be sited anywhere within the properties without having to run costly and problematic discharge pipework.

By not requiring G3, as its unvented counterparts do, the thermal store approach had the added benefit of requiring no annual maintenance and therefore avoiding the difficulty, and costs associated with requiring regular access to tenants’ properties.

The use of copper, which is toxic to Legionella, also meant that a bespoke sizing solution could be manufactured  measuring  1150 high by 520mm in diameter which included 60mm high density insulation and featured 2no. 3kW immersion heaters to take advantage of off-peak tariffs as well as providing an additional boost function.

And when it comes to safety, THERMflow’s inbuilt blending facility limits the water temperature to 50 degrees to avoid the risk of scalding.

THERMflow’s unique design which delivers unrivalled levels of performance also negates the need for a secondary heat exchanger, which further minimises the risk of legionella.

McDonald Water Storage’s Joint Managing Director, Jamie Stewart, explained, “This is a great example of how our knowledge and experience in specifying and manufacturing bespoke hot water storage solutions together with our willingness to survey projects can help to deliver the most efficient system.”

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