Bespoke Thermal Store to Create Two Hot Water Systems

McDonald Engineers has manufactured a bespoke thermal store for a luxury property which enabled the client to replace his existing boiler to create two separate hot water systems to serve the two levels in the 5 bedroom home.
McDonald Engineers worked closely with the client to design a thermal store solution which featured two hot water coils, one for each bathroom, together with the smallest combi boiler to provide hot water to the kitchen.
The 250 litre thermal store measured 1700m high by 500mm in diameter with 50mm high density insulation and featured 2 direct hot water coils plus a sealed system boiler coil as well as a solar coil to work with the existing solar thermal panels.
The client was delighted with the solution, commenting “Having spent approx. 2 years trying unsuccessfully to find an installer willing to replace our aging boiler, we turned to McDonald Engineers for help. The finished solution is brilliant – providing ample hot water for long hot showers and the separate hot water coils avoids problems shower temperature fluctuations when another tap is turned on. It also provides ample very hot water for a deep bath!”
He continued, “The THERMflow thermal store cylinder hugely simplified the hot water and central heating system for our house and has the added benefit that central heating circuit is completely separate from the boiler circuit. This keeps cylinder at temperature and removes the problems associated boiler heat exchangers losing efficiency.”

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