Hot Water Cylinder News

1000 litre calorifier and two 5000 litre buffer vessels

Biomass Hot Water Storage for College

McDonald Engineers UK has designed, manufactured and supplied a hot water storage solution for a major college in Scotland comprising of a 1000 litre calorifier and two 5000 litre buffer vessels to work in conjunction with a biomass facility.

The college was looking to convert its existing open vented calorifier system to incorporate Biomass energy and approached McDonald Engineers UK to assist with the project.

Unvented Hot Water Cylinder Training Course

McDonald Engineers is organising another of its highly popular Powerflow Unvented Cylinder training courses on 21st September 2016.

The BPEC Certified Unvented Cylinder training course enables all plumbers and installers of unvented cylinders to fulfil their legal obligation to complete the course every 5 years.

The course provides delegates with a complete understanding of Parts P and J of the Building standards as well as allowing them to identify typical faults associated with the installation and maintenance of unvented hot water storage systems.

Healing Powers of Copper

The Healing Powers of Copper

It appears that the powers of copper are now being harnessed and used in orthotic insoles to deliver significant health benefits.

Not only can the Original Copper Heeler insoles help aching feet, sore joints and swollen legs, it appears the regular use of these products can have a far greater impact on your physical health and well-being.

Passivhaus Hot Water Cylinders

Passivhaus Hot Water Cylinders for Housing Association

An English Housing Association has demonstrated its commitment to reducing tenants’ energy bills by using the Passivhaus approach in its latest development of 20 homes in South Devon, and has specified bespoke solar cylinders from McDonald Engineers to supply the hot water.

Calorifier for Queens Theatre London

Bespoke Calorifier With U Tube Battery Wins The Show

McDonald Engineers UK has upstaged the competition by manufacturing two copper Calorifiers for ‘The Queens Theatre’ in London with a U-Tube battery and bespoke finish as specified by the client.

The two 550 litre Calorifiers required for the prestigious theatre, which has played host to Les Misérables since 2004, were powered via a 120kW U-Tube Battery complete with lifting ring to allow the heating element to be easily removed for maintenance or indeed replaced.

Are the Antimicrobial Properties of Copper Too Good to be True?

That was the question asked at a recent Research Conference and the answer, provided by Professor Marc Solioz of Russia’s Tomsk State University, was an emphatic ‘no’.

In fact, his presentation showed that the antimicrobial properties of copper could actually potentially be improved.

He presented results of laboratory research from around the world which unanimously showed that pathogens coming into contact with a copper surface, such as a door handle or light switch, were rapidly destroyed.

Research Shows Copper Cylinders Save Over £227 Every Year

Recent research has proven that a copper cylinder with an Integron finned copper coil can provide savings of £227 per year compared to a standard stainless steel hot water cylinder.

The research was carried out at McDonald Engineers UK Testing Facilities to analyse the time it took for a 210 litre unvented cylinder from 13°C to 55°C.