Hot Water Cylinder News

Slimline Unvented Cylinders

If you are looking to squeeze your cylinder into a tight space, we also offer slimline versions of our Unvented Cylinders.

Typically measuring 450mm in diameter, these slimmer models are manufactured to the same standards and designs as our POWERflow units and come with the full 25 year guarantee.

However, thanks to our unique approach to manufacturing hot water cylinders and our use of copper, we can manufacture cylinders as small as 300mm shell plus the required foam lagging.

Bespoke Hot Water Cylinders

Our ability to design, manufacture and supply bespoke cylinders means that you don’t have to compromise on the capacity or the performance of your hot water system.

Whether you are looking to achieve a specific capacity within a narrow space, incorporate multiple fuels sources or simply optimise the positions of the connections to minimise installation costs, we can help.

Calorifier for London Restaurant

Calorifier for London Restaurant

McDonald Engineers has manufactured and supplied a bespoke 700 litre POWERflow unvented copper cylinder for a prestigious restaurant group in its latest venue in London’s Covent Garden.

The unique design of the Victorian property placed major restrictions on the sizing of the cylinder. However, McDonald Engineers was able to deliver a bespoke copper cylinder measuring 2200mm x 795mm to ensure it could fit the narrow doorways.

Why Copper Clothing Is On The Up

From odourless dog beds to shoe insoles and short sleeved t-shirts, Copper infused products and clothing are on the increase and it's all thanks to Copper's natural superpowers!

Copper's natural anti bacterial, anti microbial, anti fungal, and anti odour properties, to name but a few, are being tapped into, to aid people's everyday lives. From those who suffer from eczema to those with recurring skin infections, people have reported improvements to their conditions after using the antimicrobial clothes. 


CENTRALflow Enables Dramatic Energy Savings for Tower Block

McDonald Engineers has played a key role in a project, which has enabled a housing association to dramatically reduce energy costs for 91 apartments in a tower block in the North East of England.  This has been achieved by replacing the electrical heating system, with McDonald Engineers' CENTRALflow solution.

Working in conjunction with the M&E Consultants and main contractor, McDonald Engineers presented their CENTRALflow solution, which has been designed to combine the benefits of a heat interface unit with an indirect thermal store being fuelled by a central boiler system.

800 Litre Horizontal Calorifier

800 Litre Horizontal Calorifier

McDonald Engineers has manufactured an 800 litre indirect horizontal calorifier as part of the refurbishment of a public sector building after being specified by the consulting engineer.

With space being a key challenge for the project, the bespoke copper calorifier was designed as a horizontal cylinder with the connections positioned at the top to simplify the installation process.