Electric Thermal Store for Prestigious School

McDonald Engineers UK has designed, manufactured and supplied a 400 litre THERMflow Electric Thermal Store for a field retreat facility in the Scottish Highlands which is owned by George Heriot's School in Edinburgh.

As the facility was in a remote location in the Highlands and not being used on a regular basis, the electric thermal store was seen as the perfect solution as it required virtually zero maintenance and could be switched on or off as required.

McDonald Engineers UK worked with the client to understand the requirements and water demands before developing a specification which delivered the most efficient hot water storage solution for their needs.

The 400 litre thermal storage cylinder measured 1850mm x 700mm which included the 50mm foam lagging and featured three 3kW high efficiency LWD immersion heaters to maximise the full 9kW available in the facility.

McDonald Engineers also incorporated an extended 18 metre direct hot water coil to maximise the heat transfer process and future proofed the system by including 22m connections which could be used to power the central heating in the system.

Two thermometers were fitted to the top and bottom of the thermal store to provide the client with a visual representation of the temperature at the top and bottom of the cylinder.

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