Bespoke Hot Water Solution for Major Biscuit Manufacturer

bespoke cased hot water cylinder

McDonald Engineers UK has demonstrated their expertise in bespoke hot water solutions by designing and manufacturing a 7-berth tank on tank solution for one of Scotland’s biggest biscuit manufacturers.

The client was looking for a solution which would provide individual hot water circuits to five manufacturing lines in their facility allowing them to have a great control over the quality of chocolate on each line.

They had originally considered installing five separate cylinders however they recognised this would require a significant amount of floor space to be dedicated to the facility.

McDonald Engineers UK Technical Sales Team worked closely with the client’s project team to design the solution which featured a 70 litre cold water tank which subsequently fed seven 35 litre vented hot water cylinders, each heated by 2 x 3kW immersions, and all contained in a cased unit measuring 2500mm high by 550mm in diameter.

The additional two cylinders were designed into the system to allow for future growth and to allow maintenance to be carried out to other cylinders whilst minimising any downtime to the production line.

McDonald Engineer UK’s Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, explained “We pride ourselves on our ability to develop the most effective and efficient hot water storage solutions and this is a fantastic example of what we can achieve.”

He continued, “Our bespoke manufacturing capability combined with our technical knowledge and our willingness to go that extra mile for clients, enables us to deliver complex solutions that other manufacturers simply wouldn’t attempt. It’s this level of quality and service which makes McDonald Engineers UK the preferred choice when it comes to bespoke hot water storage solutions.”

Check out our interactive 3D Model below or find out more detail on our bespoke hot water storage solutions.

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