Bespoke Thermal Store for Optimum Hot Water Demand

McDonald Engineers UK has designed, manufactured, and supplied a complex bespoke thermal store for an existing client who was looking to change his current 180 litre THERMflow after carrying out upgrades to his home and switching from an open vented to a sealed system boiler.

After discussing the project in details with the client, McDonald Engineers UK proposed a 250 litre thermal store which featured 4 high performance finned copper coils and a double pump kit which provides two circulating pumps pre-wired with the cylinder thermostat to power the central heating system.

The customer wanted to upgrade the standard hot water coil from 12 to 15metres to provide greater flow rate for a longer period of time and supply the showers upstairs. In addition to this he also requested a 10m hot water coil to provide hot water to the downstairs which included the kitchen sink and a further shower. The boiler coil was a total of 9metres of integron tube.

And finally a solar coil was also included into the specification to future-proof the cylinder should the client decide to install solar technology at a later date.

To ensure the 250 litre capacity was not compromised by the four copper coils, McDonald Engineers increased the height of the cylinder by an additional 150mm to provide a finished size of 1700mm x 600mm.

McDonald Engineers also enabled the client to make the installation process dramatically easier by positioning the connections at every angle and to the clients detailed drawing.

McDonald Engineers’ Sales Manager, David Stewart, explained “We regularly received fantastic feedback from clients regarding the quality of our cylinders, however its all the more satisfying when we are able to help an existing client to upgrade their cylinder to a new and improved unit.”

He continued, “This particular project was a great example of how our expertise in bespoke cyliner manufacturing can deliver exactly what the client is looking to achieve in a perfect hot water solution.”

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