Bespoke Hot Water Solution for Care Home

McDonald Engineers UK has designed, manufactured and supplied a bespoke hot water solution for a new 60-bed care home to feature their PLATEflow system, comprising of an 1860 litre copper buffer vessel with plate heat exchanger.

After discussing the project with the onsite Mechanical Engineer, the PLATEflow system was specified as the most efficient solution thanks to its ability to provide the core hot water demand via the plate heat exchanger and only calling on the stored hot water during periods of peak demand.

McDonald Engineers also worked closely with the project team which included the client, architect and installer to assess the average flow rate of the hot water which then determined the 108.5kw plate heat exchanger.

After carrying out a full site survey to assess accessibility, the 1860 litre buffer capacity was achieved with a 1800 x 1200 shell size with a maximum incoming pressure of 4 Bar with de-strat pump to circulate the water and 350mm inspection manhole and cover to allow easy access – all manufactured to BS853.

To improve the efficiency and reduce the energy consumption, McDonald Engineers added 100mm of high density insulation with galvanised cladding, providing a finished size of 1850mm x 1420mm.

McDonald Engineers UK’s Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, explained “Our PLATEflow system is often the most efficient and cost effective solution for hotels and care homes where hot water demand can vary greatly over the day with significant peaks at key periods, such as in the morning or evening when large numbers of residents were using baths or showers.”

He continued, “The solution minimises the amount of hot water stored and therefore reduces the energy required to deliver the daily hot water demands, which in return dramatically reduces the lifetime costs of the hot water system as well as the carbon footprint.”


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