Bespoke 700 litre Calorifiers for Carrick Castle

McDonald Engineers UK has manufactured two 700 litre calorifers for the refurbishment of the 15th century castle on the shores of Loch Goil.  

Manufactured from premium grade copper, the calorifiers were designed and manufactured to maximise the heat transfer process from the air source heat pumps on site.

Copper’s thermal conductivity is almost 30 times greater than stainless steel which means it transfers more of the heat generated by the heat pumps in a shorter space of time – a key factor in the renewable energy market.

McDonald Engineers UK also developed a solution which featured 5.2m2 of high performance finned copper coils to maximise the surface area within the cylinder, further enhancing the heat transfer process.

The Calorifiers were fitted with 3kW back up immersions with inspection manholes for easy maintenance. A de-stratification pump was also fitted to enable the circulation of the water when not in use and minimise the risk of bacteria forming.

Jamie Stewart, Sales Director of McDonald Engineers UK explained the importance of the hot water cylinder material in the renewable energy process “The effectiveness of a heat pump or indeed any renewable energy solution will ultimately be judged by the savings it makes to the energy bills. By transferring more energy more quickly, a copper hot water solution is effectively reducing the demand on the immersion or boiler and therefore delivering more savings to the household.”

“McDonald Engineers UK has a wealth of experience in providing hot water solutions to be used in conjunction with renewables and so our experienced and specialised technical team know how to maximise the system’s potential”

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