McDonald Engineers UK Supply Copper Calorifiers for Schools

McDonald Engineers UK have demonstrated their expertise in designing and manufacturing highly efficient and cost effective hot water solutions for schools by securing the contract to manufacture two 1500 litre copper calorifiers for the new £18.2 million Faith Schools complex in Newton Mearns.

Despite not being named on the specification, McDonald Engineers UK were readily approved by the consultant engineer, as our reputation for producing high quality calorifiers is widely recognised.  Added to that we were able to provide cost savings on the project and a far quicker delivery than any other manufacturer.

The two calorifiers measured 2000mm in height by 1200mm in diameter and amongst various features, included a quick recovery copper heat exchanger and also a pre-fitted anti-legionella de-stratification pump.

Sales Manager, David Stewart, explained “We were able to demonstrate cost savings in both the production, installation and the ongoing energy usage by working closely with the client.  Ensuring the connections are sited for easiest installation, a highly efficient boiler coil to ensure rapid reheat and reduced boiler use and delivery to site when the units are required with no delays.”

He continued, “We are now supplying high quality copper calorifiers the length of the country and are known not only for our high quality product but also the service we provide.  We are one of the most flexible manufacturers on the market and extremely easy to work with.”

Find out more about McDonald Engineers UK’s bespoke calorifiers solutions or call 01592 611123.

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