Biomass Hot Water Storage for College

1000 litre calorifier and two 5000 litre buffer vessels

McDonald Engineers UK has designed, manufactured and supplied a hot water storage solution for a major college in Scotland comprising of a 1000 litre calorifier and two 5000 litre buffer vessels to work in conjunction with a biomass facility.

The college was looking to convert its existing open vented calorifier system to incorporate Biomass energy and approached McDonald Engineers UK to assist with the project.

Working closely with the client, McDonald Engineers UK designed and manufactured the 1000 litre calorifier to BS853 and included two 9kW Heavy Duty Immersions, an inspection hatch to allow maintenance and a de-stratification pump.

The 1000 litre calorifier was manufactured with custom connection locations to suit the existing pipework which not only minimized installation costs but also enabled the cylinder to be initially set up to run as an open vented system to suit the existing arrangement and therefore assist with the installation programme.

McDonald Engineers UK also specified and supplied the two 5000 litre stainless steel buffer vessels to work in conjunction with the biomass system and meet the overall hot water and heating demands of the college.

The steel buffer vessels were supplied with upgraded insulation to allow them to be located externally and manufactured to incorporate additional connections to provide the college with future flexibility, such as adding an extra heating circuit.

McDonald Engineers UK’s Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, explained, “Copper is the material of choice for most hot water calorifier applications, especially where it incorporates renewable energy such as biomass. Not only does it guarantee that more of the energy generated is transferred quickly to the stored water but copper’s bacteria killing property also minimises the threat of legionella and E-coli.”

He continued, “Large buffer vessels working on a primary system are very often manufactured from mild steel as is the cost effective way of providing a high quality, resilient tank. However, we are still able to offer the same connection customisation that we can with our copper units.”

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