Under Sink Hot Water Cylinders for Luxury London Apartments

McDonald Engineers UK has successfully completed the contract to design, manufacture and supply 140 under sink hot water cylinders for a luxury housing development in Battersea, London.

The client approached McDonald Engineers UK after the unit that was initially specified caused the client concern over the pressure drop through the standard 15mm connections. As the tanks were being used as backup for the heat interface units they required at least 28mm connections, which McDonald Engineers UK were only too happy to offer.

McDonald Engineers UK designed a 30 Litre POWERflow unvented cylinder which was sized to 400mm x 420mm to meet their height restrictions and allowed the 8 Ltre expansion vessel to be mounted on the side.

As well as providing 28mm connections, the cylinder incorporated a 3kW immersion located to the side to allow easy access in the future, together with the necessary relief valves.

Not only did McDonald Engineers UK design this tank, they were able to create a left handed version to suit the properties that had slightly different sink arrangements, which reduced the time required to carry out each installation.

McDonald Engineers’ Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, commented “Our ability to deliver any shape or size of hot water cylinder to the exact needs of the project has been demonstrated perfectly with this project.”

“Not only were we able to deliver the capacity and pressure required, but with a few design tweaks we were also able to improve the specification and reduce the installation costs, which could amount to major savings over the total project.  Whether it be a one off, or a contract for many hundreds, that’s our speciality – offering the best Hot Water Storage Solution!” 

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