Bespoke Buffer Vessel With 20 Square Metre Heat Pump Coil

Bespoke Copper Coil

McDonald Engineers UK have demonstrated its unique ability to deliver complex hot water storage solutions, by designing and manufacturing a 450litre buffer vessel which featured a 20 metre square heat pump coil for a Housing Association in Leicestershire.

The project specification also demanded the cylinder achieve a capacity of 450 litres but also fit through the doorway of the existing plant room.  

The Housing Association approached around 10 companies in the UK and McDonald Engineers UK were the only ones who said “YES WE CAN!”

Due to both the manufacturing flexibility and excellent heat transfer properties of copper, it was the only material which could be used to achieve the requirements.

McDonald Engineers’ design team utilised their experience in manufacturing to ensure not only the surface area but also ensure the pressure drop was kept extremely low at 25kpa.

The company also increased the thickness of copper it would normally allow for a 450 litre buffer vessel to accommodate the weight of the coil.

McDonald Engineers’ Sales Director, Jamie Stewart explained “We would normally expect to see approximately 5metres square in a similar sized cylinder. However, the client was using the buffer vessel as a pre-feed cylinder, which was being served by 110 kW Air Source Heat pump system.”

He continued, “The key elements of the specification were to ensure the Heat Pump could maximise its input into the hot water buffer vessel and that the Buffer provided the capacity and dimensions to suit the installation.  Once more my design and production team did a fantastic job”

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