Horizontal Hot Water Cylinder Solution for Boutique Hotel

Horizontal Cylinder Working in Parallel

McDonald Engineers has designed and manufactured two horizontal hot water cylinders as a solution to provide a boutique hotel with 700 litres of capacity to its newly refurbished 11 luxury rooms each fitted with high specification drench showers.

The technical sales team faced a challenging brief which required the solution to fit in the low level loft space whilst ensuring the hot water capacity was more than capable of meeting the demands even during peak periods.

The system, which features two 350 litre horizontal unvented cylinders were installed by the plumber in parallel and draw hot water equally from each cylinder. Either tank can also be isolated to allow annual servicing or other maintenance as required.

Each cylinder is suitable for 3.0 bar incoming pressure with 28mm cold feed and hot draw off and features a rapid 20 minute recovery, finned copper coil to maximise the heat transfer process and ensure a near constant supply of hot water.

Whilst the hot water solution is designed to work in conjunction with a new boiler system, the cylinders each feature two 6kW immersion heaters which are capable of providing the necessary energy until the boilers are up and running.

McDonald Engineers’ Sales Manager, David Stewart commented, “This was a great example of how we can work closely with installers to deliver highly technical projects which provide super-efficient hot water storage solutions and most importantly meet the exact needs of the client.”

He continued, “The combination of our expert technical sales team together with our unique ability to manufacture superior quality bespoke cylinders, means that we are building a reputation in the market as the specialist hot water solutions provider.”

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