Bespoke Hot Water Storage Solution for Major Food Company

McDonald Engineers has designed, manufactured and supplied a bespoke hot water storage solution which will provide a key role in the chocolate making process for one of the UK’s largest food manufacturers.

The project was to develop a 75 litre hot water cylinder to feed a continuous hot water loop which was being used during the manufacturing process to maintain the melted chocolate at a consistent temperature before the moulding process began.

With the process being a key component in the production line, reliability of the cylinder was absolutely critical.

McDonald Engineers developed a bespoke system using their POWERflow unvented cylinder specification which offers a 25 year guarantee and has a reputation for being one of the most reliable and durable solutions on the market.

The cylinder featured 3 x 3KW immersions to deliver the consistency of temperature and offer complete peace of mind in terms of performance.

Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, commented, “Our ability to develop bespoke hot water storage solutions has seen us getting involved in a number of fascinating projects for quite literally planes, trains and automobiles as well as the odd boat or two.”

He continued, “The combination of our technical expertise and bespoke manufacturing process together with the flexibility of the copper material enables us to take on most projects and deliver the superior quality and service we are associated with.”

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