Cost Savings on Hot Water Cylinder

McDonald Engineers UK has enabled Glamis Castle to enjoy cost savings on a replacement hot water cylinder by manufacturing and supplying a hot water solution which was optimised to suit the exact needs of the facility.

The project builds on McDonald Engineers UK's position as one of the UK’s market leaders for manufacturing and supplying hot water cylinders for historic buildings and castles having successfully carried out a number in the last few years including Knock Castle, Fingask Castle, Pittormie Castle, Dalmunzie Castle Hotel and Ross Priory

The client had originally requested a like-for-like replacement on a 440litre vented hot water cylinder, sized at 2700 x 500mm.

After discussing the requirements with the client, McDonald Engineers UK proposed a cylinder which achieved the 440litre capacity but measured 1800 x 600mm and featured two back up immersions to ensure the castle enjoyed a constant supply of hot water should there be any issues with the boiler.

McDonald Engineers UK's Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, explained, “Our highly skilled technical sales team are focused on providing clients with the most efficient and cost effective hot water solution for their requirements whether it’s a castle or city centre apartment building.”

He continued, “And as this project shows, sometimes even the smallest of changes can make a big difference. By simply changing the dimensions of the cylinder we were not only able to provide cost savings at the manufacturing stage but also dramatically reduced the transportation costs.”

To see if you could achieve cost savings with your hot water solutions, contact our technical sales team now on 01592 611123.