Buffer Vessel for Wind Turbine

Buffer Vessel for Wind Turbine

McDonald Engineers UK has manufactured a 2000 litre copper buffer vessel to maximize the heat transfer from the energy generated by a wind turbine for one of the UK’s leading training providers in the construction industry.

With wind energy becoming increasingly popular, particularly in the agricultural industry, McDonald Engineers UK are leading the way in developing hot water solutions which can harness the energy which is generated.

Measuring 2000mm x 1320mm, the buffer vessel was manufactured from heavy grade copper for maximum durability and featured 14No 9Kw heavy duty immersion heaters, each measuring 910mm in length to have minimum watts per cm squared making them quieter and longer lasting and carefully positioned to optimize the heat transfer process.

McDonald Engineers’ Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, explained “This was quite an unusual request to have quite as many Immersions, but it is becoming more common to utilise either windpower or Solar PV.  Each Immersion Boss is dressed out to conform to the British Standard – quite a job for the operator involved who tackled it very effectively and produced a real quality finish.”

He continued, “The immersion solution was designed in such a way, as to allow the computerised control panel to switch individual or groups of immersions, on and off to suit the level of energy being generated by the wind turbine and the heat within the cylinder.”

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