Bespoke Heat Pump Hot Water Solution for Northumberland Hotel

Hot Water Cylinder for Northumberland Hotel

McDonald Engineers has demonstrated its expertise in the design, manufacture and supply of hot water cylinders for heat pump installations with a bespoke solution for a new 40-bedroom hotel in Northumberland.

Our technical sales team worked closely with the M&E Consultant to design the most efficient solution, exploring a range of options including our PLATEflow system, which is extremely popular in the hotel industry as it minimises stored water requirements whilst ensuring there is a constant hot water even during peak periods.

However, the solution installed featured a 2000 litre pre-heat cylinder incorporating a 10-metre-high efficiency finned copper coil which was fuelled directly by the heat pump. This feeds into a second 2000 litre direct hot water cylinder which is topped up using a gas boiler and has back up immersions should there be any downtime with the boiler.

McDonald Engineers’ Sales Director, Jamie Stewart, explained, “The hot water system is a key design issue in any hotel. The challenge is to ensure we can meet any demand for hot water using the minimum energy and therefore minimise the operational costs for the client.”

He continued, “By using the pre-heat cylinder approach, the heat pump can supply the vast majority of the hotel’s hot water demand and the boiler effectively only tops up the heat when required, such as, during peak periods.”

To discuss how we could help to ensure your project has the most efficient hot water solution, contact our technical team on 01592 611123